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Easy To Use

With our application, you can seamlessly embed TikTok videos directly from Discord without having to leave the platform. Our innovative solution streamlines the process and saves you time and energy. Check out our handy animation that demonstrates how to use our application by adjusting the TikTok URL to With just a few simple steps, you'll be able to embed your favorite videos into TikTok like a pro! Try it out today and see how easy it can be.

Backup Media

We are more then just a embed generator. We also allow you to backup your favorite content in different ways never seen before. Complex rendering of TikTok videos, Instagram posts, and Twitter tweets are all supported. Allowing you to backup your favorite content in different ways never seen before.

Too many steps to share media?

Try our discord bot to embed TikTok videos directly from Discord. Just paste the link and let the bot do the rest.

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Media Backup Subscription

Unlock media preservation with out advanced media backup capabilities. With just 1$ every two weeks you can start to backup your content. A subscription to embedez will grant you the ability to store all your favorite videos and posts from multiple platforms (see above for supported). With the rampant removal of content across all platforms you can have a chance to take make a copy of your content to keep!

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